Root Reselling – Common Questions

We introduce a new service to our product line, this is a system that in a totally dedicated and managed environment allows the user to have all the benefits of a Reseller account (with many special features) but in turn, grant you root access (administrator access) to your WHM panel, which allows you to be always ahead in your businesses, and manage all the applications in your server in order to provide the best service in the network and everything done as however you want to do it.

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This product combines two existing products, a Reseller account plus a VPS, which results in a space just for you (with a panel to restart your own server and manage power state and data transfer, etc) but all the support of Whitesystem as a fully managed service and scripts free of charge so as cPanel, Softaculous, ClientExec and many more.

What is the difference between a Root reseller and VPS?

The main difference between a VPS and a Root reseller is the amount of resources and features (of all types) of which you have at your disposal, you get the full potential of the machine where your account is installed (The full potential of the CPU), low cost or even free stuff on network features such as SSL Certs or Dedicated IPs and also we handle for you (Everything related to system upgrades, everything, we will do it for you).

Why hire a Root Reseller with you?

Okay, first, nobody else offers Root Resellers, is a Whitesystem original product and does not use any third party scripts for this reselling, you get root access offering the ultimate level of reselling. In addition, you’ll get for the price of a reseller account, free Unlimited SSL certificates from Globalsign, Dedicated IPs just for 1.00 USD, Free ClientExec account and Reseller status (ClientExec licenses at only 2.00 USD/m gives you the chance to resell them), eNom account, Domain reseller account at 7.50 USD in the most popular TDLs, robust servers (24GB of RAM, Intel Dual QuadCore CPUs), and much more.

Well, and what about the prices?

Prices are still being developed because of all the features we offer, although the default account may have a price of 30.00/m USD (which is priced only slightly higher than Hostgator reseller accounts or iWeb reseller)

Where are these servers Located?

The servers are located in Chicago, IL, in a SingleHop DC.

I hope you like it, soon we will publish a comparative table with all the special features we offer, comparing prices and utilities with other companies and see how this revolutionary product will be beneficial for you and your customers.

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